Perspective on App Store Reviews

Super thankful today for all of the reviews I have gotten. It looks like I am now up to 52 “5 Star” reviews on the Apple App Store!!! As I wrote about a few days ago, my app was approved, and then the first update was rejected within 24 hours for the app being so simple. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who downloaded the app and also wrote reviews. I really plan to use that when I speak to my Apple App Store rep this week about Retro Ping. I would really like to find a way to honor everyone who wrote reviews. I wish there were a secret clubhouse that I could give every one of those people a key to - and then I could stock it with surprises for them each week.

How did I get so many App Store reviews in 3 days

I simply asked. This is a good reminder that if I do not ask, I shall not receive. I have some friends that are VERY good at asking. Sometimes it really used to make my skin crawl when I would hear them ask for discounts and/or to get anyting that they have not seemed to “earn.” I even called one of them a “time theif” since he would go to the front of a long line and ask people there if he could go behind them…. He was stealing time from all of the people in line behind him who had, in some cases, waited an hour or more.

Now, instead of being judgemental, I ground in appreciation. Appreciation and curiousity are my cures for judgement. I like to take things one step further and live by this new saying I made up a few years ago:

“I emulate what I appreciate in others.”

Isn’t that a beautiful thought?


When I look back on my life over the past few years… 5 years ago, my perspective was very different about the world. I wouldn’t say that I was totally selfish, but I did not view myself as a servant. I’m not talking about a servant / master situation, but serving a role in the greater good. Before, I was limiting myself for thinking “what’s in this for me” - when what I really needed to think was - how can I best give of myself and serve. Now, I take a different perspective and I aim to be armed with weapons of graciousness and service to others.

Now, coming from a place of selflessness is one of the best things has been a great gift. It has unlocked by ability to create freely. Creating is magical. The creation of companies, teams, and apps are is what I really enjoy.

I’m super happy about my choice to build this little Retro Ping app. It gives me a lot of joy to improve on it and I’m excited to be able to release the updates… one day, when Apple allows!

Until then, I’ll be emulating all of you who wrote me reviews and paid with your time - and not stealing time from others, but instead looking to give them mine.

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