About Benobi

Curiousity is an art form itself. I’ve always been a very curious person. I love to learn about people and I love to learn new tricks. My main interests are: internet philosophy, blockchain, building consumer apps, linux \ web security, air quality, dogs, chess, and astrology.

I am driven by the act of creation. Before going full-time into creating products in 2017, I ran a technology consulting company that I started back in college. The consulting company took me on many adventures and introduced me to many great people - it’s still profitable and being run by my business partner today! Now, I work at a VC-backed startup that also raised money through an ICO.

I strongly believe that privacy is a natural right of humans. I don’t personally have much to hide, but it seems to me that hiding our patterns makes us less predictable and less easily controlled. I had a dream that it is my mission in life to protect the internet - it gets to be free, safe, and fun.

The biggest thrill for me is strategy planning, but also working with a team of people who are passionate and brilliant - and who are always asking “what more can I do?” Startups require a special breed of person who is a unicorn in and of themselves - real rockstars of life. It’s pretty magical when I find people that are able to work at the same level of intensity and interest that I can bring to a team.

Growing up, my dad was a CEO of a few companies… I used to laugh that he ran our household like a business - for example, I got paid for completing individual chores. Bob is also a marketing and merchandising genius. I’m always impressed by the way he really understands consumers and products in general. My mom challenged me to think about what I could do for other people. She always asks (rhetorically) “What are we here for? To help people, that’s what.” I would say that a large part of my career has been helping other people.

Business has provided me some amazing adventures, I have lived in NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta (breifly), and Los Angeles. I’ve learned a lot from diversity - I have been to Japan several times for a few weeks each and I really love it there because of how people treat one another with so much respect…

On the personal side, I have 2 dogs and we live on the Venice Canals in Los Angeles. I’m a fan of yoga in my bedroom (morning and night) and running to the beach. I love hanging out with new people and learning about their passions as well as their intricacies. I am continually fascinated by how unique everyone is…

One of my greatest challenges is to replace judgement with curiousity. That’s one of the signs of a true jedi ;) - I recommend trying it out. Instead of saying “that’s wrong” - I will ask “why did you choose to do it that way?”

Three things I plan to work on this year: buying a cabin in the woods, getting more sleep, and the ability to draw things I see.

About the name

“Benobi” was a nickname given to me by my girlfriend back in 2016 when we were traveling in Japan. Every word and name in Japanese must have a consonant followed by a vowel. This name really stuck. Maybe it is because of my awareness and my calm, zen-like approach to problem solving? Or maybe it’s because my friends think I’m a giant nerd who is super into Star Wars. (Which, by the way, I am moderately into - but not nearly as much as Dustin Boyer or Ashkaan Hassan.) Also, I was doing a lot of self-work during the 2015-2016 time period and it seems to me that any Jedi must first conquer themselves before they can conquer the world.

About this site

This is a site to showcase some of the things I have been working on for the past few years.

I decided to build it using Hugo since it seemed like something fun and new to learn… A jedi must always be learning new tricks.

I am planning to use this site to share some of my thoughts about different things I am interested in. If you want to learn more about me check out my blog.

Thank you for visiting!

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