Ben Sigman is the CEO of Bitcoin Libre building a simple wallet for Bitcoin and Tether. He is also an advisor to the Bitcoin Foundation and a founding member of United Council of Rising Nations where he is working on diplomacy and advocacy for Bitcoin and cryptoassets in the developing world.

He believes in human-centric technologies that provide transparency, data control, and alignment among all participants through tokenized systems and incentives. He has been working in technology for over 20 years as a systems engineer, developer, and entreprenuer. His mission is to create freedom, privacy, and fun in the universe - and of course, to defeat the Galactic Empire.

Building and teaching others about technology has been a lifelong passion and he continues to immerse himself deeply into these incredible projects.

GPG Key Fingerprint: C85A 0311 F61C 2B5D B5F9 A3FA 14D3 5567 EC8F 7BA0

About this site

This site is a home for my thoughts and projects.

It is built using Hugo… A jedi must always be learning new tricks.

Thank you for visiting and may the force be with you!

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