TL,DR (3rd person bio/summary)

Ben Sigman is the CEO of MakeSenseLabs, a product development company that builds consumer-friendly blockchain solutions. He is also an advisor to the Bitcoin Foundation and a founding member of United Council of Rising Nations where he is working on diplomacy and advocacy for Bitcoin and cryptoassets in the developing world.

He believes in human-centric technologies that provide transparency, data control, and alignment among all participants - through tokenized systems and incentives. He has been working in technology for over 20 years as a systems engineer, developer, and entreprenuer. His mission is to create freedom, privacy, and fun in the universe - and of course, to defeat the Galactic Empire.

Building and teaching others about technology has been a lifelong passion and he continues to immerse himself deeply into these incredible projects.

Benobi’s interests include good discourse, human connection, research, everything Linux & web related, piano, air quality, family, dogs, space, chess, and product development.

Deeper Details

Curiosity. I love to learn about people, to learn new tricks, and to share those tricks with other people I meet. One of my main philosphies in life is to emulate what I appreciate in other people - or “don’t hate, emulate.”

Before going full-time into product development, I ran a technology consulting company that I started back in college. The consulting company took me on many adventures and introduced me to many great people - it’s still profitable and being run by my business partner today! Now, I work at a VC-backed startup that also raised money through an ICO.

I strongly believe that privacy is a natural right of humans. I don’t personally have anything to hide, but I believe that hiding our patterns makes us less predictable and less easily controlled or manipulated by algorithms. It is my mission in life to protect the internet - it must remain safe, fun, and free.

I really enjoy research and planning, but also DOING. I like working with a team of people who are passionate and brilliant - and who are always asking “what more can I do?” Startups require a special breed of person who is a real rockstar of their life and able to balance working daily with taking care of their health. It’s just magical when I find people that are able to work at the same level of intensity and interest that I can bring to a team.

Growing up, my Mom and Dad were both innovative in their own ways and they have both inspired me to be the person who I am. My mom, Mary, is known as “Momguyver” since she is always hacking her environment and finding ways to use things in a way that they were not designed. For example, she uses those binder clips from offices to hold all kinds of things at home or in the car. My Dad, Bob, is a master of consumer products and marketing - he really eats, sleeps, and breathes product development and marketing… He always has lots of ideas on how to create improved processes and products as well as communicate about those products to the public. He is a CEO both at work and at home - I used to laugh that he ran our household like a business - for example, making spreadsheets and paying us an allowance for completing certain chores. My mom also challenged me to think about what I could do for other people. She always asks (rhetorically) “What are we here for?” and then answers, “to help one another, that’s what.” I would say that a large part of my early career has been helping and supporting other people.

The businesses I have worked with have provided me some amazing adventures and having lived in NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta (to work on Avengers Endgame), and Los Angeles - I’ve learned a lot from diversity. I also traveled all over the US, East and Western Europe, Central America, Carribean, and Asia. I have returned to Japan for a few extended trips and I really love it the way that people treat everyone with so much respect…

One of my greatest challenges is to replace judgement with curiosity. That’s one of the signs of a true jedi ;) - I recommend trying it out. Instead of saying “that’s wrong” - I strive to ask “why did you choose to do it that way?”

Three things I plan to work through the next year: learning piano, calisthenics, and launching products that empower people to learn, grow, and improve their well-being.

About my Nickname

“Benobi” was a nickname given to me by my fiancé back in 2016 when we were traveling in Japan. Every word and name in Japanese must have a consonant followed by a vowel. This name really stuck. Maybe it is due to my awareness and my calm, zen-like approach to problem solving? Or maybe it’s because my friends think I’m a giant nerd who is super into Star Wars. (Which, I am moderately into - but not nearly as much as some of my friends - you know who you are…) I was also doing a lot of self-work during the 2015-2016 time period and I learned that a Jedi must first conquer themselves before they can conquer the Empire.

About this site

This is a site to showcase some of the things I have been working on for the past few years.

I decided to build it using Hugo since it seemed like something fun and new to learn… A jedi must always be learning new tricks.

I am planning to use this site to share some of my thoughts about different things I am interested in. If you want to learn more about me check out my blog.

Thank you for visiting and may the force be with you!

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